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Door Style Visualizer

If your customer is unable to come to the showroom to make the cabinetry selections, we now have an online selection tool.
We’ve made it easy to find the right door to complement your style. All door styles are initially sorted into three groups: recessed panel, raised panel or slab door. Once you find your favorite, just click on it to be directed to the available finishes.
Door Style Visualizer
Door Style Visualizer
By clicking on your favorite finish, you’ll be directed to a page that has the details about door. Included in this info are the particulars of how the door is constructed, the box specifications, and the finish material specifications.
Below all of the specs, we have included the box store comparisons for the door. We also included two sets of sliders, one that shows other door styles in the same finish, and the other slider shows other finishes in the same style.
Door Style Visualizer

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