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New Duraform Harbor Finish

Duraform uses foils and coatings bonded to composite wood material, creating cabinets that are highly resistant to warping, heat, humidity and fading. This innovative process makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. Duraform finishes allow Duraform cabinet doors to exhibit the same styling and detail found in solid wood colors.

This smooth, light grey finish is reminiscent of cool, misty mornings. Its fresh neutral tone is a canvas against which a broad range of styles can be created. Its understated finish welcomes contrasting personal accents and pops of color.

All New 570 Door Style

This solid, clean Shaker profile is perfect for the transitional look today’s consumer wants. From crisp whites to warm stains, the Warren collection is on-trend in its styling and it’s variety of paint and maple finishes. The rail and stile construction is quintessential Shaker. It’s easy, it’s versatile, it’s the kitchen you’ve been looking for. It’s available in all painted and most maple finishes.

New Navy Blue Color

The rich cool tone of this finish can create a sophisticated upscale feel and as easily, realize a more casual look. Whether used to make an impactful statement in an entire space or as an accent island or furniture piece, the looks are limitless. Available in 310, 410, 460, 540, 570, 650, 660, 720 & 750 doors.

All New 460S Door Style

The elegant touch your customers will love. This transitional style door makes any kitchen feel like home. It is available in all painted and maple finishes.